Thomson Impressions Developer-Nanshan Group

Founded at the beginning of reform and opening up, Nanshan Group has developed into a large-scale village-enterprise integrated private joint-stock enterprise ranking top of the Top 500 Enterprises of China after over thirty years’ arduous struggle, which has formed a multi-industry development pattern led by industry, finance, aviation,real estate, education, tourism and health preservation of the aged at present. To meet the demand of the development, Nanshan Group sets branches in many countries and regions such as Australia, America, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Nanshan Aluminum has the unique most complete aluminium industrial chain in the same region of the world, covering the upstream and downstream segments of the whole aluminium industry, such as energy, aluminium oxide; electrolytic aluminum, aluminium sections, aluminium plates, belts and foils. In 1999, A Shares of Nanshan Aluminum (code: 600219 Nanshan Aluminum) was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Nanshan Fabric & Garment, which relies on high-quality pasture resources of Australia, R&D Center of Italy and the most advanced technical equipment and production technologies in the world, has been one of the largest worsted and compact spinning fabric bases in the world and one of the advanced garment production bases leading the international level. It integrates the whole industrial chain of fabric apparels, covering all links of wool purchase, wool top processing, spin dyeing and finishing, wool spinning fabrics, high-end garment processing and brand operation.

Covering many institutions such as financial companies, rural banks, lease finance companies, small loan companies and guarantee companies, Nanshan Finance has invested and held shares in the nationwide joint-stock commercial bank—Evergrowing Bank as well as many local joint-stock banks including Yantai Bank, Longkou Rural Commercial Bank, LongkouGuokai Nanshan Rural Bank, etc. Nanshan Finance will realize organic combination of industrial capital and financial capital in such fields as bank, securities, insurance and fund, which duly explains the treasure and wisdom of Nanshan Group while promoting the optimized development of other industries.

Nanshan Real Estate has possessed such comprehensive development and operation abilities as real estate, business exhibition, star-level hotel, and old-aged entertainment and health preservation with business covering Longkou, Yantai, Qingdao, Hainan, etc.
Nanshan Education has an entire education and training system from kindergarten to university, in which Yantai Nanshan University has four secondary schools, i.e. College of Engineering, Business School, School of Humanities and School of Aviation, with 22 departments and 78majors for undergraduates and junior college. It has over 20,000 full-time students at present.
Nanshan Tourism has formed a comprehensive recreational and leisure industrial system integrating vacation sightseeing, recreation and leisure, star-level hotel group, high-end business, exhibition services, golf and yacht club.
Nanshan Aviation has established Nanshan Business Jet Co., Ltd., Nanshan Aeronautical College and Qingdao Aviation Company, which is committing itself to building an aviation industrial chain integrating aviation education, aviation transportation, aviation materials, aircraft manufacture and aviation services.

Based on the National 5A Scenic Spot, Nanshan Group has built Nanshan Foguang Health Preserving Valley including international high-class residences of different styles for the health preservation of the aged with many supporting facilities such as Nanshan University for Senior Citizens, Sunshine Art Square, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University Nanshan Branch and International Leisure Rest Center.
Always taking “benefiting the people and repaying the society” as its own responsibility, Nanshan Group accelerates the new-type urbanization construction, which has gradually driven the surrounding poor villages to move towards common prosperity since 1994, enabling villagers of these villages to enjoy the well-fed, well-clothed, peaceful and content urban life and realizing the dream that people have dwellings, children are educated in school, the middle-aged make great achievements, the working people gain profit, the aged are looked after properly, the sick have access to medical care and all people feel happy and pleasant.

“Good morality towards perfection, accumulated hills towards mountain”. Nanshan Group will stick to the spirit of “honesty, responsibility, diligence and devotion” as before and make new contributions to the national economic construction aiming at building the Centurial Nanshan.

Other projects in Singapore include Stirling Residences.